Kantha Stitch Design Clothes for Women: A Style Guide!

Kantha stitchwork is a 500-year-old traditional art from Bengal done on clothes to create beautiful and vibrant patterns for women's clothing. Kantha work can be styled in multiple ways, ranging from traditional Indian dresses and dupattas to modern wear. Read on to learn more about the history of Kantha and how you can style Kantha clothes for various occasions. 


From the land of Bengal comes a unique hand-stitching style known as the Kantha stitch design. Kantha, one of the earliest types of needlework to originate in India, is also one of the most well-known types. This form of stitching was described for the first time in a text written by Kaviraj approximately 500 years ago. The method originated in West Bengal and Bangladesh and is still considered to be the most important kind of textile art in the area. The majority of those who perform it are women. 

About Kantha Stitch: History and Tradition

The word "Kantha," which means "rags," originates from the Sanskrit language and refers to the practice of repurposing old clothing or garments to make new bed coverings and other goods for the home. This practise is referred to as the Kantha tradition. The term "Kantha" can also be used to refer to an indigenous type of quilt as well as the running stitch itself, which is responsible for giving the fabric the wrinkly aspect that is typical of Kantha.

Buyers of Kantha stitch designs find the combination of vibrant colours and exquisite designs to be appealing. To keep the art form alive among millennials and Generation Z artists incorporate the most colourful and unique motifs.

Types of stitches in Kantha designs


Kantha stitch suit



Arshilata, Bayton, Burjani, Lep Kantha, Oar, and Sujani are examples of some of the several Kantha styles that are available. The larger and more visible designs are used for larger pieces of fabric, like bed coverings, curtains, and canopies. On the other hand, smaller and more subtle motifs are used for things like sarees, personal items, and pillow covers, amongst other things. To sew together the layers of pieces and fabrics, several white threads are extracted from old sarees. These threads are used in the process of making designs with Kantha stitch.


Kantha stitch dupatta and suits

Kantha stitch dupatta


This Kantha stitching method, which is more than 500 years old, has today been modified to meet the requirements of the contemporary fashion business. This folk art has been brought back into the spotlight, thanks to the fact that a number of well-known fashion designers have begun incorporating traditional patterns and motifs into their collections of apparel. Dupattas and outfits that are stitched in the Kantha style are particularly popular among millennials today. Both the dupatta and the suits are embroidered using the Kantha stitching style, and they are available in a wide spectrum of colours, from dark colours like black, crimson, maroon, and orange to light colours like white, beige, and pink. Depending on the design, Kantha dupattas are made in both single-coloured and multicoloured fabrics. The entire surface of the cloth is covered in a gorgeous pattern of flowers and shrubs, which gives it an attractively rustic appearance. The distinctive selling point of this product is the colourful threads that are used to create the embroidery pattern.


How to Style Kantha Design Clothes? 

 It is really easy and simple to style a Kantha stitch suit or Kantha dupatta in whatever way you like. The design already exudes an air of antiquity and rusticity all on its own. Therefore, if you are thinking of wearing a Kantha suit to the office, you can give it a look that is simple yet exquisite by pairing it with a Kantha stitched dupatta.

Alternatively, you may choose a short kurti to wear with jeans for a more laid-back vibe. There are wonderful selection of stoles and jackets with lovely Kantha stitch motifs available. Jeans, a simple t-shirt, and a Kantha jacket are fantastic outfit choices for going out with a group of friends in a casual setting.


The winter season is here, which means it's time to update your wardrobe. If you want to have an earthy, rustic vibe, a Kantha shawl is the way to go. The choices are many, and you cannot go wrong with these unique Kantha stitch designs.

In the world of fast-evolving fashion, where trends are created and lost every other day, the classic handloom ages like fine wine. Handloom clothing continues to evolve and become more sophisticated with the passage of time and even generations as it adapts to the changing technological landscape, fashion, and trends. Examples of this include suits and dupattas that are stitched using the Kantha technique. Kantha needlework was once restricted to the design of bedsheets, bed coverings, and shawls, but it has since expanded its boundaries to include jackets, suits, dupattas, and a great deal more. 


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