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New Launch ~ Tangaliya ~ The Art Of Woven Beads

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Jamdani~Finest Cloth Ever Woven By Human Hands

Centuries-old glorious Bengal fabric Jamdani has its origins from Dhaniakhali, West Bengal. Rich motifs and intricate weaving technique makes Jamdani Jaal design stand apart from its counterparts. Own one of these pieces and look sophisticated in Classic Bengal Fashion in an Indian modern flair.

Presenting Premium Bhujodi Sets~100% Handloom~Taant Made brand

Bhujodi weaving is a unique Kutchi Art that takes its name from “Bhujodi”, a small village in 'Kutch, Gujarat’ where this craft is practised. The fibre of Kala cotton is considered a sustainable fabric alternative within the fashion industry. Exquisitely handwoven made on a wooden loom premium bhujodi suit sets are sourced directly from the vankars of Bhujodi, Kutch, Gujarat. This age-old technique of weaving motifs involves, lifting the warp with fingers without a ‘Dobby’ or ‘Jacquard’ and the ‘Athh tako’ technique (with four peddles in the loom). Try one of our Handloom Bhujodi Suit Set and we promise you shall never be disappointed. Rock your ethnicity with Bhujodi Suit Sets!

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Ajrakh/Ajrak Suits

The art form Ajrakh(Ajrak) dates back to early medieval times. The artisans of Kutch, Gujarat still practise the old traditional methods of Ajrakh(Ajrak) block printing and designs. Ajrak which signifies Universe is a block-printed textile that is resist-dyed using natural organic dyes, including indigo and madder. Buy one of the Ajrakh(Ajrak) Suits and carry this earthy artwork within you!

Ikkat Suits ~ New Colors And Designs

Ikkat is a method of resist-dye technique, ultimately used to pattern textiles. Ikkat suits come with a characteristic "blurriness" to the design. The blurriness is the outcome of extreme hardwork and difficulty the weaver has lining up the dyed yarns so that the pattern comes out perfectly in the finished cloth. Finer yarns are used to reduce the blurriness. The blurriness also depends upon the skill of the craftsperson. Shop from our unique colourful range of woven Ikkat Suits sourced from Pochampally, village of Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Wooden Framed Handblock Designed Suit Sets

Mystic Cotton Suits

Look Your Best Every Season! Our Handloom Fabrics Will Make It Happen For You. Handmade Breathable Cotton Dress Materials That Are Always In Fashion!

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~ Our Looks ~

Check out how our products come out alive when they are finally given the shape!!

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