5 ways to style your Kalamkari suit sets and Kalamkari dupattas

The vibrant motifs of divine gods and goddesses, elegant flowers, and beautiful birds hand-printed on cotton fabric have remained a trend in the world of fashion for nearly a decade. But don't be mistaken about the age of this unique artform. Kalamkari art is an age-old tradition that has managed to captivate people of all generations. Not restricted to just sarees, the kalamkari art form has spread into almost all aspects of fashion. This art form has carved out a niche for itself in the market, whether it be in the form of a Kalamkari suit sets or Kalamkari dupattas. We have witnessed practically everyone, from models on runways to girls in college, from celebrities to influencers, wearing kalamkari clothing at some point. In keeping with the current trend, we present to you five different and interesting ways that you can style your kalamkari set. But before we get into that, let's first learn a little bit about where it came from and how it gained its popularity.

So what exactly is this art form that has remained a favourite of many?

The word "Kalamkari" comes from the Persian words "kalam," which refers to a pen, and "kari," which refers to the art of creating something. This is an art form where a cotton textile is hand-printed or hand-block printed with natural dyes. In the olden days, people used to travel from village to village, narrating folklore and stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. These stories were also drawn on canvas, which later took the shape of the Kalamkari art form. Motifs such as flowers, foliage, birds, and dancers are commonly drawn on kalamkari fabric. Kalamkari suits, sarees and kalamkari dupattas have a unique look with these vivid and vibrant pattern.


How to style a traditional Kalamkari set with a modern twist.


Kalamkari suit sets


Style your kalamkari suit set for a casual outing.

Planning a party with your gal pals or a day outing with your family? Do you want to look elegant and traditional with a modern twist? Then a Kalamkari suit should be your choice. You could wear a kurta with kalamkari print and a pallazo or jeans to achieve the perfect traditional yet modern look. A dupatta is an added advantage when you are out on a picnic. Cover your head with it, and you are saved from the harmful rays of the sun. Tie it on your waist and look like you are gearing up for some fun activity. When we talk about activities, yes, it is a must to have a strong and durable fabric that can withstand all the fun you are planning. So what's better than cotton? While you are at it, go for a kalamkari suit that will give you comfort, flexibility, and a look to die for and a kalamkari dupatta for extra protection.


Choose a heavy kalamkari suit for festivals.

India is a country that loves to celebrate. We have something to celebrate every month. And when it comes to parties, the most important things are delicious food and stunning dresses, particularly Indian ethnic wear. Therefore, for the time being, let's put the cuisine to the side and focus on the many types of ethnic clothing. While we are discussing how to properly design a kalamkari, allow us to give you a pro tip. When it comes to Indian handlooms, there is no such thing as having too much. And that is where we begin. If you want to appear stunning at a festival and a kalamkari suit set is your favourite, then we recommend that you choose motifs that are vivid and bold. You have the option of experimenting with a variety of different stitches, such as a backless choli, an anarkali set, a sharara, or a ghaghra. You have the option of shaping the fabric into a variety of lovely patterns. Yes. The beauty of kalamkari lies in the fact that it can be worn on any body type and is appropriate for any event. You can adorn your outfit with a set of gold earrings and bangles, or you could even wear your kalamkari dupatta as an oodhni. Be creative and be gorgeous.


Simple yet elegant kalamkari suit for office wear.

Who wants to be distracted while working, especially in an office setting? Having said that, there is no hard and fast law that says one cannot be stylish. Choose a kalamkari salwar that is nicely fitting and complement it with a simple dupatta if you want to look stunning when you head to the office. You can also pull off the look with a knee-length salwar suit paired with patiyala pants. Keep your accessories to minimal and tie your hair in a messy bun. This will let you focus on work without having to worry much about your attire. You just need a classic Jodhpuri sandle to finish off the look.


Steal the show with a Kalamkari saree in a ceremony.

 Indian ceremonies are the best places to show off your inner diva. You can easily steal the show with your moves and stunning ethnic attire at any ceremony such as a haldi, mehndi, or wedding. Choose an exquisite kalamkari saree with designs depicting gods and goddesses for your attire. Drape it in a unique style, perhaps like a dhoti. You are now set to go once you have accessorised with some oxidised jewellery.

But if you think that wearing a saree would be too much for you, let's look at some other options. Let’s see how you can make your Kalamkari suit set appear gorgeous. Go for a tailor-made Anarkali suit in Kalamkari pattern. You might also make a ghaghra or a sharara using this material. To give it a more contemporary feel, drape your dupatta in a unique style.


Rock the party with a kalamkari dupatta

Kalamkari dupattas

Get rid of anyone in your circle of friends who believes that wearing traditional garb to a club party is impossible to pull off stylishly. Let us show them how it is done. Choose a colourful kalamkari crop top and match it with a pair of denim shorts to complete the look. You just need to slip into some cool sneakers, and you'll be ready to rock and roll, baby!

You may also wear a kalamkari dupatta like a scarf if you want to go for a look that is more traditional. You can also style a kalamkari suit set into an off shoulder salwar that’s tailor made for perfect fit. We are willing to wager that anyone who looks at you, not just your friends, will be motivated to create a fashion statement using traditional handloom fabrics.

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