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Ethnic Element was established in 2017

Ethnic Element is the convulsion of heritage and nature in its pristine form. Ethnic refers to a culture that has its origins deeply ingrained in the soil of a country, and Element refers to the essential qualities that give anything its unique identity. And so, Ethnic Element is where one gets to experience the heritage of a region that is embedded in its people and its culture.

The history of Indian handloom can be traced back to the times of the Indus Valley civilization, during which shipments of Indian handloom were made to countries both near and far. The handloom business in India has a long legacy of exceptional craftsmanship, which both represents and helps to preserve the rich culture of India. The exquisite hand-spinning, weaving, and printing work done by Indian artists has garnered international recognition in recent years. The creation of patterns while adhering to tradition is at the heart of the Indian handloom tradition. And this is why the demand in this industry has never gone away. Ethnic Element is a mark of artistry and tradition.

The concept of Ethnic Element is based on the admirable goal of bridging the gap between traditional weavers and craftsmen and the contemporary fashion industry. This industry employs a significant number of craftsmen from rural and semi-urban areas, the vast majority of whom are women and members of socially and economically disadvantaged groups. Some of the things that make this business unique are the cheap and plentiful labor, the use of local resources, the low cost of capital, the unique skill with which the products are made, and the growing appreciation of consumers in markets around the world.

Through the many different events, shows, and exhibitions that are held by the government and other organisations, we hope to close the gap that exists between the citizens and the artisans. Ethnic Element also works to spread awareness about the elegance of Indian handloom. We want to instil a sense of pride in everyone who dons a piece of Indian handloom, and that is our goal. Not only does it spread awareness of Indian culture, but it also provides financial assistance to our nation's weavers and artisans, who toil tirelessly to preserve the culture and traditions.

Clothing that is designed by Ethnic Element is specifically curated to appeal to the tastes of young people. We make an effort to incorporate elements of our culture into all aspects of their lives, whether they are celebrating a wedding or attending a business event.