How To Wear Dupatta - 10 Dupatta Ideas To Style With Cotton Suits

The dupatta, which is also known as chunari, odni, or chunni, is the equivalent of a scarf, except that it is considerably longer. If you delve a bit deeper, you'll find that it appears to have been worn by both men and women, albeit in different ways. These have come a long way, both in terms of why and how they are worn. A dupatta worn with a salwar suit can lend an air of enchantment to a woman's overall appearance. Let’s have a look at some of the best ways of how to wear dupatta and 10 unique dupatta ideas to go with your cotton suits.

Linen Dupatta Ideas:

Linen dupatta

Lenin is a wonderful fabric to wear. It is light-weight, breathable, and smooth on the body. The addition of a linen dupatta to your outfit is sure to make a statement. They are fashionable and interesting to look at. These dupattas are ideal for traditional as well as formal occasions, and they can be worn with both everyday and contemporary attire. So, let’s see how to wear dupatta, especially a bright linen dupatta.

Play With Colours:

Linen dupattas in pastel colours make a statement. So this is something you should not miss. If you want to give a bright summer vibe or a fresh feel, choose a linen suit with a linen dupatta. Else, you can pair your linen dupatta with any solid pastel colour cotton suit.

Give It A Modern Touch:

To give your linen dupatta a modern touch, wrap it around like a scarf. This style can be done with a pair of jeans and a crop top or with a fit and flare dress.

Kalamkari Dupatta Ideas:

Kalamkari dupatta

The Kalamkari design is unparalleled in its ability to convey our history and culture. In spite of the fact that it is a method that was borrowed from the culture of the Persians, the design has been an essential component of our country for a very long time. Because it is hand-painted, this method requires a great deal of time, expertise, and care. Now, if you are wondering how to wear a Kalamkari dupatta, here are some tips.

Style It To Give It An Earthy Look:

Kalamkari dupattas are connected to the roots of Indian culture. The motifs painted on them gives a very traditional look and feel. You can pair a kalamkari dupatta with a plain, monochrome salwar suit to keep the kalamkari as the centre piece. Finish the look with oxidised jewellery and you are ready for an event like a traditional music concert or family function. This is a good choice for a daytime event.

Drape Around With A Mix-And-Match Combination:

If you want to know how to wear a dupatta that would give a sophisticated look, here’s a great dupatta idea for you. Drape it around like a winter shawl. This will not only highlight the entire dupatta design but also keep you warm while letting the dupatta to be the centre piece. Mix and match your dupatta with any cotton suit, like chikankari. Remember to keep the suit simple because a kalamkari dupatta is already heavy in terms of design.

Bhujodi Dupatta Ideas:

Bhujodi dupatta

Bhujodi dupattas, also known as Bhujodi Kala Cotton Dupattas, is one-of-a-kind fabric recognised as an alternative to fast fashion. If there is a fabric that speaks of earthiness, it is the Bhujodi. Known for its temperature-control quality, a Bhujodi suit and dupatta can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Here are some amazing ideas on how to wear dupatta with Bhujodi weave.

Saree Style:

Bring some contemporary style to your Bhujodi dupatta. Drap your dupatta like a saree. Combine this Bhujodi dupatta with a pair of distressed jeans and a crop top to take your look to the next level. When you walk around, everyone will be amazed at your style and the look of elegance. It doesn't matter which pattern of Bhujodi dupatta you choose; they will all do the job.

Wear It Like A Cape:

What better way to show that you are a superwoman than to wear your dupatta like a cape? And when your dupatta is a statement piece like a Bhujodi dupatta, wear it on your shoulders and let it fly loose. This will give you the look and feel of a cape, making you stand out in a crowd.

Jamdani Dupatta Ideas:

Jamdani dupatta

Jamdani is a unique form of weaving. The Jamdani fabric is smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear, and very lightweight. It looks gorgeous in any bright shade. There can be numerous ways to style a Jamdani dupatta. You can pair your Jamdani dupatta with a Jamdani suit from Ethnic Elements. Let’s see how to wear dupatta with Jamdani weave and get a gorgeous look.

Open Style:

Carrying a Jamdani dupatta can be tricky. The best way to carry it is in the open style, where you can pin up the edges of the dupatta on your shoulders and let it hang loose to give it a free flow. This way of carrying the dupatta gives the entire design of the dupatta full exposure. Jamdani dupatta looks best on a sleeveless cotton suit. To get the best results, colour coordinate your Jamdani dupatta with the suit, and try keeping both in the same colour.

Over The Head:

Want to know how to wear dupatta in a unique way? Here’s how. This is a brilliant dupatta idea for you if you want to give your Jamdani dupatta a unique look. Put it on your head and drap it like a shawl over your shoulders. This gives a very rustic and traditional look. This method of carrying the dupatta looks best with a lehenga or a heavy cotton suit. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Kantha Silk Dupatta Ideas:

Kantha stitch dupatta

This age-old stitching technique originated in Bengal and is now well-known throughout the world. It was originally done on bedcovers and blankets, but today it has expanded its boundaries to dress materials, salwar suits, dupattas, and even jackets. Here are some amazing ideas on how to wear dupatta with kantha stitch.

One Shoulder:

The kantha stitch dupatta is so unique in its style that you can wear it in any way you want and you will look gorgeous. To get the most out of your katha stitch dupatta, carry it on one side of your shoulder, letting it hang loose in a casual manner. This gives a traditional yet ultra-cool look. Wear your kantha stitch dupatta with a cotton suit, preferably a monochrome suit that does not overpower the dupatta.

Pleated Style:

If you want to carry your dupatta in the most traditional way, pleat it and pin it up at the shoulders to give it a neat and organised look. This way of carrying the dupatta gives your hand a lot of freedom, allowing you to do all your chores without having to worry about your style.

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