6 Best Ways to Style Handloom Cotton Suits for the Office

Offices are the places people go when they have serious business to attend to. However, this does not imply that one cannot seem fashionable even in a serious setting. And by serious, we mean things like business, meetings, and other corporate occasions. While we are all familiar with the concept of formal attire, are you familiar with the concept of conscious fashion?

Conscious fashion includes clothing and accessories that are designed while taking into consideration the sustainability of people and the planet. And the techniques used in making Indian handloom fabric are some of the most natural and environmentally friendly. It is true that Indian handloom is something that can be designed for any occasion or event, whether it is a celebration, wedding, casual stroll, or even the office. Now that we have that out of the way, let's explore some of the most effective ways to style handloom cotton suits for the office. We can absolutely ensure that this will be an attention grabber.

Handloom Cotton Suits

Cotton has always been and will continue to be the fabric of choice for a tropical country like India, and handloom fashion is incomplete without the use of cotton. Handloom cotton suits are the most versatile option, as they may be worn in any climate or setting. The salwar suit is an integral part of the clothing worn by Indian women. Over the course of history, this piece of attire has been reimagined in a variety of ways, but its fundamental purpose has remained the same. It is impossible to make a mistake when donning a handloom cotton suit, whether it is in the form of a patiyala in the north, a sarara in the state of Uttar Pradesh, or a plain suit in the eastern and western parts of the country. Let's have a look at some of the traditional handloom cotton suits and see how you can dress them in the most elegant way possible for the office. 

 Ikkat Cotton Kurta - Bold and Beautiful

Ikkat cotton suit


Ikkat is well-known for the bright and vivid colours it features, and it has the ability to produce a highly attractive yet professional appearance. To make a bold fashion statement, all you need is a simple, straight-cut suit and a bright dupatta. Pain palazzo or Patiyala pants are both great options for wearing with an Ikkat cotton kurta. Maintain a minimalist approach to the accessories. A pair of oxidised earrings would be sufficient to complete the look. Because the Ikkat is the focal point of your ensemble, very little else is required to complete the look.

 Ajrakh Geometric Natural Dye Suit - A Statement Piece

Ajrakh print suit 

When speaking of handloom cotton suits, one cannot miss the mesmerising Ajrakh prints. This block-printing technique originated in Sindh some 400 years ago and made its way to Kutch. All of the components of Ajrakh come from natural sources, whether they are plant-based (such as herbs and vegetable essence) or mineral-based. The cloth receives its distinctive quality from the natural dyes that are used in the Ajrakh printing technique. During the warmer months, it causes the pores in the cloth to enlarge, which makes it easier for air to move through. The pores of the fabric seal up during the winter, which results in increased warmth. They say that Ajrakh may be worn at any time of the year, so it's no surprise that this is the case.

You can go for a full-on Ajrakh pattern on the salwar and the dupatta if you want to style this versatile fabric. If you want to keep things simple, opt for a suit made of plain cotton and complement it with a heavy dupatta printed with an Ajrakh pattern. 

 Kala Cotton Bhujodi Suit Sets – Show Them Who’s The Boss 


Bhujodi kala cotton


Choose a Bhujodi kala cotton suit if you want to convey the message that you are the one in charge and that you are not to be trifled with. The Bhujodi Kala Cotton Suits are woven using a traditional Kutchi art that gets its name from "Bhujodi," a small village in "Kutch, Gujarat," where this skill is practiced. The fashion industry recognises the fibre of Kala Cotton as an environmentally responsible alternative to other types of cloth. Wear your personality, confidence, and power with pride by donning a bhujodi suit set, much as kala cotton is renowned for the strength of its resistance. Wrapping a Bhujodi stole around yourself is all that is required to make you ready to rule the world.

 Kalamkari Cotton Dupatta – Flaunt It in Style


In the world of handloom, Kalamkari is the Queen of hand-painted motifs and patterns. And what’s the point of wearing a beautiful dress if you're not going to show off your Kalamkari dupatta? Your style for the office would be complete with a classic oxidised jhumka, and you could allow the Kalamkari dupatta take the spotlight. Remember not to carry your dupatta in the usual boring form. Style it like a scarf or a stole and see the magic.

Monochrome Natural Dye – The Sophisticated Look

Monochrome print


A stylish everyday outfit for women. Wear it in office, or for any outing. This style and suit is perfect for all occasions! Monochrome natural dye suits can give you the perfect Bohemian look. a tailored to fit Anarkali suit with monochrome natural dye fabric will give the much needed fresh and energetic vibe in office. if you want to experiment, try a kaftan stitch in this fabric. Do let us know your thoughts about it and don't forget to mention us when you do get a compliment.

 Handloom Tangaliya Weaves – The Simple Yet Indispensable Look

Tangaliya cotton


The Surendranagar district of Gujarat is home to the traditional art of Tangaliya weaving, which is also known as Daana weaving. The cloth is given the appearance of having bead embroidery on it by twisting very small specks of additional weft thread around a number of warp threads. This laborious technique of twisting additional weft while weaving results in the creation of stunning geometrical patterns and shapes. Handloom cotton suits in Tangaliya weaves are amazing and great for both office and party wear.

You can achieve an enticing look with Tangaliya weaves by pairing your preferred kurti, whether it is long or short, with palazzo pants. This gives you the ultimate comfort while allowing you to work freely.

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