Collection: Handwoven Kala Cotton Bhujodi Suit Sets

Presenting Premium Bhujodi Sets~100% Handloom

Bhujodi weaving is a unique Kutchi Art that takes its name from “Bhujodi”, a small village in 'Kutch, Gujarat’ where this craft is practiced. This age-old technique of weaving motifs involves, lifting the warp with fingers without a ‘Dobby’ or ‘Jacquard’ and the ‘Athh tako’ technique (with four peddles in the loom). The fiber of Kala cotton is considered a sustainable fabric alternative within the fashion industry. Exquisitely handwoven made on a wooden loom premium bhujodi suit sets are sourced directly from the vankars of Bhujodi, Kutch, Gujarat. 

Our exquisitely woven Bhujodi Suit Sets are made from Kala Cotton directly sourced from the artisans. Try one of our Handloom Bhujodi Suit Set and we promise you shall never be disappointed.  Rock your ethnicity with authentic Kala Cotton Bhujodi Suits!
 Our Bhujodi Suit Sets are 100% handloom, made on wooden loom or Taant!