Handloom Tales: Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is the only state in India that can brag of having such a wide selection of handlooms for people to choose from. The tradition of handloom in Andhra Pradesh is so ingrained in its culture that it serves as the state's identity. There are several villages in Andhra Pradesh, each of which has its own distinctive method of weaving and pattern. Very often the handloom is given the same name as that of the village where it is weaved. What is fascinating is that each pattern and weaving style is unique and can be easily distinguished. Andhra Pradesh is known for its wide variety of handloom sarees and they are famous all over the world. So, hers is a quick guide for you on the handloom of Andhra Pradesh.

1. Kalamkari

Kalamkari Dupatta

As its name suggests, the art of Kalamkari is one that is created on cloth with a kalam, which means a pen (usually a tamarind pen). Natural dyes are used in the creation of this age-old art form. Storytelling lies at the heart of the Kalamkari art. On cotton fabric, the epic tales of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata are artistically represented using either hand-painted or block-printed designs. Majority of the time, the hues of red, yellow, blue, green, and other vivid colours are used for Kalamkari. While the areas of Vijayawada, Machilipatnam, and Polavaram use the block printing processes, other locations, such as Chiittoor, continue to follow the hand-painting methods that have been used for generations. In modern times, Kalamkari has gained widespread popularity among women of all ages, particularly in the form of Kalamkari sarees and Kalamkari dupattas.

 2. Ikkat

Ikkat suits

Ikkat is a legendary piece of textile art that has long been practised in a number of south-east Asian countries. Due to the fact that it is an ancient form of handloom art, it is difficult to trace exactly where it originated. But the state of Andhra Pradesh is responsible for the Ikkat's widespread popularity. This type of handloom is commonly referred to as Pochampalli Ikkat, and it is used to make sarees, kurtis, bedsheets, and other items. Before the yarn is woven, the design is marked by tie & dye method that requires a lot of skill and talent. Ikkat is a synthesis of artistic and mathematical principles; every inch of it is meticulously crafted after being carefully calculated.

 3. Venkatgiri Saree

Venkatgiri sarees

If there is anything that stands out in the entire culture of handloom of Andhra Pradesh it is the Venkatgiri sarees. Venkatgiri sarees, which are well-known for their intricate weaving pattern, have been traced all the way back to the 1700s. Back then, it was crafted by weavers in the village of Venkatgiri, which is located close to Nellore. These weavers specialised in making sarees for the royal families. Venkatgiri sarees are among the most comfortable and long-lasting of all the sarees produced in southern India. Known for their designs, one can customise the saree according to the design or pattern they want. But of course, one needs to get in touch with the right weaver to do so. Today Venkatgiri sarees have a touch of Bangladeshi Jamdani to them.

 4. Mangalagiri Saree

Mangalagir sarees

The Mangalagiri sarees were named after the village of Mangalagiri, which is located close to Vijaywada. These sarees are characterised by their bright colours and the absence of embellishments on the main body. These sarees are well-known for the striped golden pallu and zari border that they feature. Because of their longevity, smooth cotton texture, and simple design, Mangalagiri sarees have garnered a global following.

 5. Uppada Saree

Uppada sarees

The name "Uppada Silk" comes from a small beach town called Uppada, which is located in the East Godavari area of Andhra Pradesh. Cotton is typically used for the warp in Uppada sarees, which are famous for the intricate patterns that are woven into them. The length and breadth count of the threads in an Uppada Silk saree are used to characterise the sarees. The skilled artisans of Uppada Silk sarees incorporate a significant amount of zari work into the intricate motifs of the sarees.

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