Bhujodi Weaving : A Unique Culture of Kutch

If the vast open space and blue skies of the Rann of Kutch make you think of the scorching heat and emptiness, try looking beyond them, and you will see the amazing colours that this beautiful region of Gujrat possesses. The spirited way of life of nomads, the hardworking people, the harsh cold nights, and the bhujodi weavers are only a few examples of the things that contribute to the rich heritage of the state. Indeed, this crystal-white land is home to one of India's most well-known handlooms: the bhujodi weaving. Known for its simplistic patterns and gorgeous style, bhujodi weaving has gained popularity and bhujodi clothes are now famous all over the world. To shield themselves from the harsh desert winters, the people of Kutch weave this timeless masterpiece in the form of shawls and stoles.

Bhujori weaving gets its name from Bhujodi, a place in Kutch, Gujarat, where it is practiced. As the popularity of bhujodi grew, the weavers started making bhujodi suits, bhujodi dupattas, carpets, and placemats by adding cotton to the fabric and conditioning it for all weather use, giving them a source of income throughout the year.


Bhujodi Suits : Beauty & Comfort at Its Best

Bhujodi Suits

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of bhujodi weaving is its use of solid colours, one-of-a-kind geometric patterns, and a fabric that is both smooth and comfortable. The Bhujodi vankars used to only make shawls and carpets, but now they also make suits, dupattas, and a variety of other items that fit the needs of modern consumers.

Typically, Bhujodi suits have a solid body colour and feature a vivid lining that runs around the edges. The shawl or the dupatta of Bhujodi suits have the traditional pattern on the edge, making them unique and vibrant. Bhujodi suits typically feature hues such as bright yellow, indigo, blue, maroon, black, and white. The suits are made of fine cotton to suit the modern lifestyle and adapt to all weather conditions.

As a bhujodi suit develops a better shape after being washed, it may be fashioned to perfection and kept in good condition for many, many years. This is one of the reasons why it can last so long. It is not difficult to clean a bhujodi suit or keep it in good condition. The initial wash should be done at a dry cleaner, and subsequent washes should be done by hand or in a washing machine. As natural dyes are used to colour the suit, this fabric is suitable for all skin types and all weather conditions.


Bhujodi Dupatta : Unique in Pattern & Style

Bhujodi dupatta

An authentic bhujodi weaving of a shawl takes around a week to weave. It is laced with a traditional geometric pattern, usually parallel lines. Bhujodi dupattas are also made of cotton and can be styled with any form of traditional Indian wear. Usually, bhujodi dupattas are plain in the body and have pattern on the edges, giving them a classy look and feel. To style a bhujodi dupatta one can mix and match a bright dupatta with a light-coloured suit or kurta. These dupattas can also be worn as stoles over jeans and kurtas or t-shirts. To give it a royal twist, style your bhujodi dupatta with a simple chikankari kurta. The elegance of the bhujodi dupatta allows it to be styled for both office and parties. You can wear them on one shoulder in the summer or wrap yourself in them in the winter. The beautiful tassels hanging on the edges give a unique twist to the overall look.


Bhujodi Kala Cotton :A Mark of Resilience

Bhujodi Kala Cotton

Kala cotton is a mark of resilience and sustainability. It is in fact one of the few remaining organic cotton species in India that is native to the area of Kutch. Known for its ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions, this kala cotton fabric entirely depends on rain as its water source. Even in the arid, drought-prone regions of Kutch, where there is less than 40 centimetres of rainfall each year, Kala cotton grows to show its power of adaptability.

Kala cotton is used in bhujodi weaving to make a variety of clothing like shirts, kurtas, suits, and sarees. Durability is in its nature, and therefore clothes made of bhujodi kala cotton have a distinct look and feel. It in fact  imbibes a sense of pride when worn, letting the person narrate the story of the fabric and material of the clothing.

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